JJ Disney lift entrapment and passenger release training

Safe release of trapped lift passengers training

Also known as lift entrapment and emergency release training, this course is designed for staff who are nominated to carry out the safe release of trapped lift passengers.  It provides the competence to rescue passengers trapped in a lift in accordance with BS7255:2023 Safe Working on Lifts.

Course outline

  • Basic lift technology
  • Lift configurations, hazards and masses involved
  • Lift safety systems
  • Health and safety law
  • Relevant guidance including BS 7255:2023 Code of practice for safe working on lifts and Design and maintenance of lifts in the health sector (HTM 08-02)
  • Considerations when dealing with passengers stuck in lifts
  • Safe hand winding or lowering procedures
  • Question paper to confirm learning and understanding prior to practical element
  • Practical exploration of lift systems and component operation
  • Full demonstration of safe release of trapped passenger procedures
  • Individual candidate practice at emergency release procedures
  • Practical assessment
  • Return to classroom for debrief and questions

Training takes place on your premises so that candidates learn to operate your lift equipment. By the end of the course, candidates will have a basic understanding of how a lift operates and be able to safely rescue passengers trapped in a lift. The training takes approximately four hours.

A certificate of competency is provided, along with a comprehensive manual with full written procedures and technical content covered by the course.

Our courses are fixed price per day. All travel costs and disbursements are included in the cost.  

Number of candidates
The number of candidates permitted on the course is limited to 7 people. This is for safety reasons as candidates are closely supervised at all times.

Important information
A small meeting room or office with a blank wall or screen will be required for the morning training and question paper session. We will not need to visit the site for risk assessments or equipment inspection prior to the course.

Lift passenger release training>> Download the passenger release course outline (PDF format)