JJ Disney lift condition reports

Lift condition reports

We take many factors into consideration when evaluating the condition of a lift, assessing lift design, signs of wear, maintenance quality, compliance with standards, forward life, recommended future works, anticipated costs of works and other important details.

We attend site and carry out a thorough examination of the lift and provide a report on our findings that is tailored to our clients’ needs. A typical report will cover the following areas and will additionally include photographs of any areas of interest or concern:

  • Analysis of design
  • Assessment of condition
  • Report on compliance with standards
  • Review of maintenance documentation
  • Assessment of maintenance quality
  • Statutory inspection information
  • A disabled access audit
  • Assessment of the forward life of the equipment
  • Recommendation of future works
  • Timescales and budgets for future works

Lift condition assessments can be useful prior to property purchase or sale as part of acquisition and dilapidation reports, commissioned in advance of refurbishment projects to allow for accurate budgeting, to support maintenance reviews, and many other applications.