JJ Disney lift awareness training

Lift awareness training for persons responsible for lift management

Designed for people who are responsible for lifts and their maintenance and upkeep, this course gives an understanding of the technical, legal and practical knowledge to manage a lift portfolio.

Course outline

  • The employer’s and employee’s obligations under health and safety legislation.
  • Safety requirements regarding safe working on lifts, including risk assessment of machine rooms, landings and car tops.
  • Basic drive systems, safety systems and door operating systems of lifts installed on the site.
  • Understanding the terminology used by contractors and surveyors.
  • The relationship between the owner, the lift contractor and the insurance surveyor.
  • Establishing the life cycle of the equipment and assessing the short, medium and long term requirements for maintaining, repairing and replacing lift equipment.
  • How to formulate a meaningful lift maintenance contract.
  • How to monitor the performance of the equipment and the contractor.
  • Essential reporting and recording procedures to comply with legislation.

The course is held on the client’s site and is bespoke to the equipment installed on the site.

Lift awareness training course outline PDF format
>> Download the lift awareness training course outline (PDF format)