Lift maintenance audit

A lift maintenance audit provides you with an independent assessment of the competence and effectiveness of your lift maintenance contractor, as recommended in the HTM 08-02 guidance for healthcare organisations.

Our detailed audit process.encompasses the following areas –

  • Assessment of maintenance work on your lift portfolio.
  • Analysis of the overall condition of your lifts.
  • Review of adjustment and operational defects.
  • Reporting of items requiring attention by your lift maintenance provider.
  • Reporting of any works required under health and safety legislation.
  • Overall assessment of life cycle status.

We will provide you with a detailed survey record for each lift recording the findings of the survey, listing all areas inspected and the detailed comments that define the score against best standards. Our report will also include a summary table for all lifts, giving an overview of their condition and a score out of 100 for adjustment and operation so that you can see at a glance which lifts need the most attention.