JJ Disney Limited lift consultants

Lift consultancy

JJ Disney Limited is a lift consultant with 30 years’ experience managing lift portfolios, training, safety, design and specification for a diverse customer base in retail, public authority, healthcare, financial, commercial, industrial and petrochemical sectors. As your lift consultant we can provide a wide range of consultancy services including:

Lift condition reports

We take many factors into consideration when evaluating the condition of a lift, assessing lift design, signs of wear, maintenance quality, compliance with standards, forward life, recommended future works, anticipated costs of works and other important details.
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Feasibility studies for new lifts

Do you need to understand the possibilities for the installation of a new lift? A feasibility study will provide you with the full range of options available for the site in question, together with associated costs, lead times and risk factors for each route.
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Design and project management

Whether you already know the preferred solution to your lift and escalator replacement scheme, or you have commissioned one of our surveys and reports, you will want to be sure of what you are going to get, when it will happen and how much it will cost – with no hidden surprises.
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HTM 08-02 authorising engineer (lifts)

As authorising engineer we provide independent professional advice to clients, develop and deliver maintenance programmes, monitor the performance of the service and carry out routine audits and risk assessments.
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Lift maintenance contract design and management

A proactive approach to lift maintenance management will ensure that your lift contractor delivers a responsive, reliable and effective programme of maintenance on the lifts installed on your site., resulting in fewer repair bills and reduced downtime.
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Expert witness

We work with legal teams and insurance firms to provide independent, objective expert witness and expert adviser services in respect of lift industry issues.
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Performance specifications for new lift installations

If you need to be sure that your builder or main contractor will choose appropriate technology when installing a new lift, we can specify functional performance criteria that should be complied with.
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Technical due diligence

We provide technical due diligence for lift installations on behalf of surveyors undertaking complex commercial property inspections, assessing the lift equipment and identifying factors that might present a risk or cost to the client.
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