traffic analysis at peak arrival times

Lift traffic analysis

No-one likes waiting lengthy periods for a lift.  A traffic analysis assesses the handling capacity and quality of service that a lift configuration can provide and highlights how performance enhancements can be achieved.

In order to assess the quality of proposed or existing lift systems, we carry out a peak traffic calculation to determine the number of people that will use the lifts at the busiest part of the day and use this worst-case scenario as a performance benchmark.  From a service perspective, the aim is to ensure as a minimum that passenger waiting time is acceptable for the use of the building.

Why commission a lift traffic analysis?

It’s important when designing a new building to install the right lift systems to efficiently transport visitors to their destinations.  A traffic analysis can also be very useful when considering a change of use for a building or the addition of a feature that could significantly affect the number and flow of visitors, such as a rooftop cafe or bar.

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